Internal linking and linking to lists

Hi there!

I wanted to make a request for two features:

  1. Internal Linking with Wikilinks
    I want to be able to indicate which task is blocking another by tagging it with #blockedby [[task name]]

Typing [[ could open up a list of tasks that I can select from as I type and narrow it down. Then, if I click on that task, I want to see all inbound linking tasks as well.

Combine this with a filter for which tasks have the most inbound links and I’ll be able to quickly identify my biggest blocking points and better prioritize my tasks

  1. Links to lists
    Sometimes I need to link to a full project and not just a task. This happens in Obsidian, where I have a note for the project that acts as a dashboard.

I’d like to link from that note to the list of tasks and not just each individual task.

These features would be really helpful to my workflow! Thank you!

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Wiki-links combined with a list of inbound links (collapsible?) would be amazing in GoodTasks! +1

Linking to lists: can’t we do that already with the url scheme? e.g. goodtask3://view?title=inbox (where “title=inbox” points to a list titled “inbox”)

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider.

As @jsamlarose said, you can add a link to a list with URL scheme. Also you can make a link to another task by adding a link from 'Copy Link'. 'Copy link' can be seen in '3-dot' more button inside a task or context menu(long tap on a task at a list). You can adjust context menu items in 'Settings - General - Context Menu'.


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@GoodTask and @jsamlarose

Thanks for showing me how to link to a list! I thought it wasn't available as an option because I couldn't see a way to copy a link. This'll help a lot!

A bit off-topic but, is there a way to link to an apple shortcut in the Memos section of a list?

shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=[name of shortcut here]&input=[optional input]

I have this in a snippet keyboard (LazyBoard) for easy access… though in theory you could probably insert this via a GoodTask quick action, and your shortcut name and optional input could be hard-coded into the action.

Note: name of shortcut needs to be URL encoded (replace spaces with %20, etc); same for input.


Oh brilliant. Will have to check that out.

Boy, this application sure has gotten powerful over the last two years. I'm really glad I came back to give it another look!