iOS 12.4 Beta Issues?


Is anyone else using the latest Dev Beta and having major sync issues. I noticed right away that Goodtask was not syncing Beta 2 or Beta 3 so I tried Reminders and that is not syncing either. So it's definitely a Reminders sync issue.
Now the sync works no problems on my iPhone running iOS 12.3.1 and my Mac with latest Mojave. So it's 100% a beta issue on Apple's end. Just wondering if anyone else is having this happen or running the beta.
For now I'm going back to 12.3.1 on my iPad and waiting for iOS 13 beta next week.


No issues here to report. I did just do a fresh backup install though as my Spotlight got totally destroyed on the last update.


Just went back to 12.3.1 and was having same issues, did a soft reset where I hold the power and home button down and it seems to have fixed the issue. No reason to go back to iOS 12.4 beta, just gonna wait on iOS 13 beta on Monday because it will likely be a new profile anyway. Tho the leaks of the new Reminders app doesn't impress me at all and has no power features like subtasks or sub-lists or even tags that users want, so will likely be sticking with Goodtask since it's just as good and Todoist if not better in my opinion...

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Agreed. New Reminders looks like a fresh face with no additional functionality. Very disappointing.


Thanks for the info. I haven't tested 12.4 beta yet since iOS 13 is right on the way. I thought 12.4 wouldn't have any big changes but maybe it does? I'll take a look.

Leaks for the new Reminders app does not seem so great but there could be more. Also there could be new features that 3rd party apps like GoodTask can use so let's wait for the show next week. :slight_smile:


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I'm seeing no issue on iOS 12.4 beta at the moment. It works for me but this may vary on accounts due to it's beta status so let's see how iOS 13 beta goes soon. :slight_smile: