iOS 13 - Catalina sync with Goodtask incredibly slow


I am evaluating Goodtask, and noticing the sync (iCloud Reminders) between iOS 13.3 and latest Catalina is ridiculously slow, and sometimes just not work. Also, Goodtask 5.2 on iOS seems very, very slow as well to pull in any updated from Reminders. Calendar sync seems snappy.

I have tried deleting completely my Inbox Reminders list, re-creating, to no avail.


Hi @Brian_Cohen, thanks for the feedback. Would you try restarting the device once?

If the database is empty, there is not much thing that could cause any issues. You may cross check with default Reminders app to see the status.



I did. It is still incredibly slow. And even if, say I make a change on Mac Goodtask, syncs to Reminders, iOS Reminders gets updated, Goodtask iOS does not get update (in this case, deleting 3 tasks from an Inbox list).

I tend to half to pull-down-to-refresh multiple times to get the sync to work :-1:

And what seems to be the slowest is when I delete (not complete) tasks from either end. It takes forever for the sync to happen. I deleted a task from Goodtask iOS in my Inbox list, so that list was empty. But, on Reminders iOS, it's still in the Inbox. I have pulled to refresh in Goodtask like 5 times.


Hmm, it seems weird. Normally GoodTask and Reminders should have same data in all the situations. Would you try re-installing the app?

If the issue persists, sending me some screenshots to would be helpful. Thanks!