iOS 15 Reminders Tags

Any plans/capability to integrate the new tag feature in iOS 15 reminders to Goodtask?

Hi @michaelborland, thanks for the feedback.

Like other newly added features on Reminders since iOS 13, this one is also not accessible to 3rd party apps. I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks!

@GoodTask In the latest 6.9 changelog it is stated:

Does it mean that access to native Reminders Tags has been enabled for 3rd party apps? If yes, is it indeed "read-only", like the option in GoodTask suggests?

No, it’s not enabled to 3rd party apps. I’m just using some hacky way to read it only like url links.

I’m not sure it would be useful so it’s on an experiment phase (advanced - labs option). It may go away in future releases.


I see :slight_smile: Anyway, thanks for the explanation and for the update!

Any thoughts, progress, or hacks on syncing Apple reminders tags with Goodtask?

Hi @mmoran, not that I’m aware of yet. :sob:

Any update on this? Has Apple made Reminders Tags fully accessible to 3rd party apps yet?

It seems iOS Shortcuts app can add/edit Tags to iOS Reminders?

Hi @manuelkuhs, unfortunately Apple hasn't open it up yet. :disappointed: