iOS - need to purchase for iPad & iPhone?


I really love GoodTask!! I purchased the app via my iPhone but I'm unable to show the purchase on my iPad. I've clicked on "Restore Purchase" on my iPad, the screen blinks and that's it. The devices have the same Apple ID as every time I purchase an app, it shows up on both devices, etc etc.

Thank you for your help!


Hi @crafteegirl, thanks for the compliment. Normally if you unlocked the app on one device, it should automatically unlock on another.

If you're seeing 'Unlock Purchase' on other device, try restoring purchase again. If you're seeing 'Support Once', it's already unlocked.

Supporting options are included to support the app which are fully optional. The app has been in store for many years with continuous updates so the options has been added.



Thank you so much! It all makes sense now : )

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I just installed GoodTask on MacOs. On my iPhone GoodTask is still counting down (7 days). Clicking on "ontsluit alles" - I am using the Dutch Language - I am prompted to buy the iOs app. Do I really have to pay for both the iOS and MacOS version?


Hi @wilco, thanks for using GoodTask. You need to buy it separately for iOS and macOS versions. GoodTask is a basic one-time purchase product and it's made separately for iOS and macOS.

Making iOS and macOS app needs somewhat separate skills and the apps are pretty different as you see. Apple runs App Store and Mac App Store separately too which doesn't share any payments or purchases. For services that charges you monthly could provide apps on different platforms at once but GoodTask is not going that path. I hope you understand. Thanks!


Thanks for your response. It's no problem at all. I just wanted to be sure.