iOS Notification - Vibrate Only (No Sound)?

Is there a way to make GoodTask notifications make my iPhone vibrate without playing a sound? If not, would you please add that option.

Until now, I have had notifications turned on for both the iOS Reminders app (Vibrate only alerts) and GoodTask (no sound). I would like to just get GoodTask notifications, but I can't find a way to make the notifications vibrate without making a sound.

Hi @TaskMaster, thanks for the feedback.

Isn't this a thing that should just work with the settings on iPhone? Check below document.


Haha! Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I know about the vibrate/ring/silent switch on the iPhone. :grinning: But what I'm talking about is an option in GoodTask to make only notifications from GoodTask vibrate (instead of playing a sound). That is, I don't want to make ALL notifications on my phone set to vibrate. I want to make just the GoodTask notifications vibrate without making a sound.

It is possible to do that with the iOS Reminders app. See these screenshots:

I know I can also change the notification settings in iOS to prevent GoodTask notifications from making any sounds, but that isn't what I want either because that will prevent GoodTask notifications from vibrating too.

I want a subtle vibration for GoodTask notifications, but I don't want a sound for those notifications. But I still want sounds on for other notifications I get on my iPhone.

Does that make sense?

I know it is possible for apps to make their notifications only trigger vibrations because the Alarmed app ( has that option.

Do you think you could do something similar for GoodTask?

Thanks for detail info. It seems like Alarmed app is just giving empty sound. I'll consider that. Thanks!

Thanks @GoodTask for adding this feature!! :slight_smile:

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