IOS Notifications


I'm having a hell of a time with notifications on IOS. I run GT3 on an iPhone, iPad & MacOS (all current). I'm finding that I'm always receiving correct notifications on MacOS, regardless of where the task was created, meaning on an IOS device or the mac itself. However, on the IOS devices, my notifications are not consistent. Often, GT3 wont show me a notification, but I'll get the notification via the reminders app. When I do get the notification via GT, I'm getting it via both reminders & GT. When I have notifications on reminders turned off, GT never gives me a notification. This is true on both my IOS devices. I've confirmed notifications are turned on for GT on IOS. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app on all devices as well as removed and reinstalled reminders. All devices have been rebooted as well. Any suggestions? I feel like this started after the last round of updates, but cant confirm.


Hi @miked4499, thanks for the feedback.

Normally notifications for GoodTask is not related to notifications of Reminders. Those are 2 separate things. So you should put that in mind first.

To get the notifications from GoodTask, you need to have

  1. Notifications turned on inside GoodTask's Settings - General - Notifications
  2. Notifications turned on inside default - GoodTask
  3. Actual task with alert set

If you added task on other device, you need to open the app once unless you have 'Background App Refresh' turned on for GoodTask. If you're using the app often, it'll run in the background pretty often to set the notifications automatically. (Range is every 10 minute to once per day which is managed by iOS)

If this is not your case, tell me back with some more details. Screenshots or screencasts may be helpful. Thanks!