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I just found out about GoodTask and I am really loving it. The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is why I don’t get any Sound/Vibration notifications. I DO get notifications on my watch and iPhone XR, but it plays without sound or anything making me definitely miss it.

When I set a reminder for a certain time, like I said, it pops up, but without any sound. When I turn on notifications for the Reminder app, I get notifications from both and do not Want that.

I’ve attached some screenshots of my settings. Any suggestions? In the screenshots I had a Reminder set to check notifications at 8:45. Never got a sound on either my Apple Watch or the phone.

If I get those to work, I’m definitely paying the $10.

I can only add 1 picture per post I think?

Hmm, pretty weird situation. Would you try restarting the device and check again? It should normally sound/vibrate well when notification comes in.

Thank you for the reply. So I did a hard reboot of both my phone and watch. I then set another reminder like the attached screenshot. I DID get a “ding” on my watch, however my phone still is not making a sound or vibration to alert me.All other notifications (like emails etc) are notifying fine so I don’t think it’s a phone setting?

So I just tried another one and DID get a sound and pop up on my phone when I was doing something else (actively using it).

So it seems it doesn’t notify me only when I’m not actively using the phone.

Could that be a setting on my phone?

Thanks for the info. It seems like you may not be used to Apple Watch notifications settings. When you're not using your phone and you got the watch on your wrist, notifications come into watch only and not the phone. When you're using the phone, you get the notification on your phone.

You can modify them on Watch app on your phone but it's pretty basic. Turning off or on notifications on the watch per app basis.

I assume other apps work like this too.

Thank you! It seems I didn’t know that. Never paid any attention to it. I spoke with Apple Support and they confirmed what you said.

They gave me a tip to a work-around. Go into Watch App and turn OFF notifications for GoodTask. The downside is I don’t get any GT notifications on my watch, however my phone always notifies.

I tend to occasionally miss my Watch notifications so this works for me.

Thank you!

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You can still use the Apple Reminders notifications and just shut off the Goodtask ones on iOS. The Apple Reminders notifications will stay on the lock screen and still show up on your watch.