iOS Screen Time Bug - Goodtask reminder sound during Downtime



I just noticed a minor but nonetheless a bit disruptive bug: When iOS is set to "Downtime" in the Screen Time settings and Goodtask is not set as an "Always allowed" exception, Goodtask reminders do not show up (which is correct) but Goodtask nonetheless plays the reminder sound in the background.

Maybe this is something that could be fixed with one of the next updates :slight_smile:


Hi @theproto, thanks for the feedback. I've tested but it worked properly. Maybe it could be some bug on iOS. Would you try 1) restarting the device and check again or 2) try making some changes in Settings - Notifications - GoodTask and roll back and check?



Thanks for the quick reply. I will test again and post here if I can somehow find reproducible steps that lead to this behaviour.



I could meanwhile reliably reproduce this with the latest GoodTask iOS version:

  • I set Screentime to "Downtime" for one day on the weekend (I do NOT mean the "Do not Disturb" setting :grinning: - it seems like DnD works correctly)
  • I have a number of reminders that pop up a day before the "Downtime" day and I let them slumber for 1440 minutes (24h)
  • Reliably for each of these "postponed" reminders I hear the notification sound on the "Downtime" day at the (I assume) correct time - if I have postponed a few reminders a few seconds after each other on the day before, the sound is played several times
  • There are no notifications popping up or any other visual indicators of what just happened, only the chosen notification sound (Sound #4) can be heard.

This is no big issue, just a minor nuisance of course.

Thanks for the good work!


Hi @theproto, thanks for detail info. This seems like a bug on iOS. I recommend you to report this bug directly to Apple on below website.