iOS Widget Not working at all

When I add the widget it shows old data at first and when I edit it (choose what list, etc) it goes black

Hi @Wendy_Carey, thanks for using GoodTask.

Please try after restarting the app or device first. If the issue persists, please share more details with screenshots to . Screen recording would be better to diagnose the issue.

It'll be helpful if below pages are included.

  • App screenshot inside the list you selected on widget to give details about the list and tasks inside it.
  • Widget settings page selecting the list


I have this same problem. I closed the app and restarted it to no avail. I did a "hard restart" of the iPhone, and it still didn't work, though it went from being completely black to showing the thumbnail calendar, which is an "improvement." I have emailed you screenshots as you requested.

— Rajeev