IPad Pro: all Tasks DISAPPEARED

GoodTask suddenly stopped working on my IPad Pro (2020) today. Lists are still there, but ALL TASKS are gone. (GoodTask still works fine on my other ipad and iphone; Reminders app also works fine across all devices).

I already tried:
-turning device on and off, multiple times
-removing and reinstalling app, multiple times
-turning iCloud off and on for the app and for Reminders
-clicking “download” in settings
-creating ICloud backups on my other devices
-ensuring ICloud is turned on in all devices for GoodTask + Reminders

I don’t think the problem is my iPad itself, as the device is new and fully updated, and all other apps are working normally. IOS version is 14.4.2 for Ipad/Pro.

Thank. You,

Hi Kit, thanks for the feedback.

Would you check default Reminders app? You may want to check if data is properly shown there. If not, you may want to check iCloud settings and if Reminders is turned on on that part.


Hanbum that is the visual side effect of the problem I had which you fixed in the beta yesterday...

Yes, it's fixed on 6.6.1. Thanks!

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