Is it possible to “combine” calendar events and tasks in the list view?

I have a smart list that shows me all tasks and calendar events on the next 3 days. Using the list view, tasks are separated by due date and calendar events are separately shown, as shown in the attached print screen:

I’d prefer not to separate calendar events and tasks and to simply have them sorted by date. Is this possible?

Hi @joaoalm, thanks for the feedback.

Calendar events are shown on boards only if you have option 'Settings - Sort - Separate Calendar Events : Off'. Also it'll be shown on Date board only for whole day boards.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I think that @GoodTask answered what relates to Board View but in any case, the setting you have to check is the same: Settings > Sort > Separate Calendar events, and set it to "off". Then the calendar events will be shown under each day instead of separately at the bottom. Cheers!

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Thanks, that perfectly solves the issue... it’s funny how a new app fits so easily into my personal workflow.

What if I want to view calendar events separate from tasks (Settings - Sort - Separate Calendar Events : ON) AND still see calendar events on all board views?

Hi @Redaxel, thanks for the feedback. It'll be shown on v6.4.2. Thanks!

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Hi @GoodTask! I updated to 6.4.2 on my Mac and I see calendar events on some board views, but now on the Board - Tag view that I use most often. Is it possible to show calendar events there? Also, is it possible to show calendar events at the top of each board?

Hi @Redaxel, thanks for the feedback. Calendar events are shown on Date board only. Thanks!