Is it possible to simply save all tasks in a select list (or all tasks in general) on the completed or due date as a record of past activity so it can be viewed in context alongside calendar event?

I am not a power user and I don’t use 99% of the features of GoodTask because I haven’t had time to get my head around how the features all work and how to apply them to what I want to do, but I have started using GoodTask recently as a substitute for the paper diary I keep at work since I have been unable to access my paper diary during the pandemic lockdown.

I was attracted to the fact that GoodTask enables me to actually view my work tasks in one place alongside my personal calendar events for the day. I do not want to set up a work calendar in my Apple calendars as I am trying to keep them separate and I don’t want to have work events cluttering up real estate along with all my other calendars that I have to keep track of on my days off.
But for work purposes I want to be able to keep a record of what I have done each day which I will print and slot into my paper diary when I eventually return to work.
Currently, the only way I have found to actually keep all my previous work tasks in context with the calendar (which are in a list I have named ‘work’) is to not mark any as complete. I then keep the GoodTask day view for “all lists” as the open view while I am working and can see any personal reminders and events in context for the day.
Consequently, I have a LOT of incomplete reminder tasks showing up on my reminder notifications. This is OK, because I can ignore them because I don’t use reminders for anything else.
As an aside I cannot fathom why Apple have chosen to not integrate their reminder app with their calendar, as did my old Nokia phone calendar and reminders, because I cannot see how anyone gets by without seeing both in one place. This is the reason I have not until now started using Apple reminders and instead, for personal reminders, I now just enter zero minute meetings in my Apple calendar, which I can see alongside scheduled events while I’m on the run.
I know I’m showing my age in both my verbosity and reference to my old nokia(!) however, I also can’t see why Goodtask have apparently decided that tasks have to disappear from their entry date when they are marked as completed.
Am I missing a setting somewhere or is it possible to turn this setting off so that completed tasks remain showing on their due date? I want to continue to see them in context with my calendar events without having to ditch GoodTask and create yet another Apple calendar for work.
Also, I do want to be able to use reminders as a separate app for other things as well if I can work out how to show them in context with my Apple calendar events in the GoodTask app. I might then see a reason to invest my nonexistent spare time learning how to use GoodTask more extensively.
Any help would be appreciated but as I said I am not a power user so if it isn’t a simple solution I will just have to continue to ignore reminder notifications until I can ditch the app and return to my paper diary at work. But before posting this query I noted in my searches for an answer, that others are having problems with the app slowing down due to keeping too many open tasks, so I will eventually have to rationalise somehow.

Hi @Krrprc, thanks for the feedback.

  • You can tap circle on top right (2nd) to show/hide completed tasks on current view. If you're on day view, you'll see all the tasks completed today.
  • You can swipe calendar area on top on day, week, month view to move to past dates. If you're on yesterday, you'll see all the completed tasks for that day.
  • You can tap 'Reports' by tapping 2nd button at the bottom on top Lists view. This will show you completed tasks daily/weekly/monthly.

Hope it was helpful. Thanks!

Thanks very much for that! That is what I need to see completed tasks in context on the day they are scheduled.
I note that I need to drill in to each past task that I change to ‘completed’ to reset the Completed day to the day they were set or else they all automatically appear as completed today. (I also need to be patient to wait for 15 seconds or so for it to synch before I can see the consequence of each change that I try! - presumably while it talks to the Reminders app? Which might be why I didn’t find this setting myself anyway.)
But I don’t think the pre-set reports will work because unless I have missed the setting, it doesnt show tasks unless they actually ARE completed. And I want to see that I worked on a task each day that I did so, even if it wasn’t completed that day. I’ve been working around that by duplicating tasks for the next day when it is a task I haven’t completed so that I can see each day that it was being worked on. I now know how to go back and edit the completed date to the day I set the task, but I am unlikely to go back and do it for the last three months so unless the report can be configured to include incomplete tasks on the day they are set I won’t be able to use the report.
However I have got around that so far by just choosing my “work” list and Sharing it by printing to PDF, which shows all tasks on the day they are set, even if it isn’t completed.
Thanks for this. I might be able to use the app more extensively now.

Actually, scrap that. I can not share completed tasks on my “work” list by printing to PDF. It only shows the non-completed ones. So I can’t find a way to share ALL tasks in the days they are set, both completed and non-completed, together, because the Report doesn’t show the non-completed ones and when I share the “work” list to print to PDF it only shows the Non-completed tasks and not the completed ones, regardless of whether the top left dot it checked or not when I choose to share to print.

Looks like even though I can see completed tasks in context under the All lists, view, the completed tasks are removed from their date context in the “work” list when they are completed, even when I change the completed date to the date I want to see them under. And when I try sharing the “all lists” view, which DOES display them in their date context, the output is limited to only one day, or one week or one month and it is also flooded and overwhelmed with my parallel calendar entries.

Hi @Krrprc,

If you're using 'Share List' function on top right 'More' button menu, it'll show you all the tasks/events on current view. If you have completed tasks shown, it'll be shown there too.

Reports page only shows completed tasks which is meant to let you look back at the tasks you've completed on selected date range.