Is there a way keep checked tasks and have them removed the next day automatically instead of straight away?


For example, when grocery shopping, if I cross an item, it disappears straight away from my list. Lets say I have 50 things on my shopping list, including "Salt" – If I check that item, "Salt" disappears from my view. It's clean, but it becomes a hassle if I later forget whether I've already checked "Salt" or if I just forgot to write it down, or if I did and already checked it but forgot about it.

I don't suffer from dementia yet, but it's handy to know what you've accomplished on a particular day; to see aaaall the things already crossed over. It motivates you to keep going!

Any ideas?


Hi @Bubbledock,

there is a circle button on top right which toggles between showing/hiding completed tasks and passed event.

Get it filled and completed tasks will not go away.

If you're in 'Day' view or today smart list, you'll see the ones only for today.