Is there a way to add different attachments for recurring tasks?

I would like to add different images for recurring tasks. While I can see different applications for this, what spurs this question is that I am trying journaling in GoodTask.

I'd like to be able to add a photo / attachment for the day that does not carry on to the next task or, more importantly, does not disappear if I delete it from a future task.

Ideally, this would happen via an option within each task, as there are some recurring tasks that I really need the attachments to stay with.

Is this possible?

Hi @SIGFY, thanks for the feedback.

Recurring tasks work with recurring rules in GoodTask which came from the Reminders app's behavior. So if you complete a recurring task, next one is made upon that rule.

For various reasons, GoodTask manages to edit the due date to next date when it's completed and make a separate completed task on current time. Along with this behavior, you can do 'Repeat after completion', 'Clear notes', adjust with Offset options in GoodTask.

So the attachments will roll over without being added to completed task.

I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

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