Keyboard Shortcut [Mac] for email capture

Hi, really enjoying the fantastic app on all platforms! Thanks!
One feature I'm missing a bit - coming from OmniFocus and Things - is a keyboard shortcut on the Mac app to quickly send an email from the to GoodTask with a linkback to the email.
If there's is a way to implement this, it would be brilliant, as email is the main source for tasks I'm creating usually.
Keep up with the great work! Cheers

Hi @Mikha, thanks for the feedback. Currently there is no direct way to send email to add a task on GoodTask. You can drag and drop email from Mail app to GoodTask to make a new task with the link though. I'll keep your feedback on the list to consider. Thanks!

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Hi @Mikha,

I shared a couple AppleScripts I've used to send email messages to GoodTask in a different post. I shared the scripts there as examples that could be adapted to do something similar for DevonThink, but they're designed to be used for email.

One script uses GoodTasks' url scheme, while the other sends keystrokes to open GoodTask's new task dialog and type the information. There are more details about each script in the post I linked to. Either script should work, but I currently use the one that sends keystrokes because it's a little more flexible.

The script works for me 90% of the time. The biggest issue I have is if the active list in GoodTask is in Day/Week/Month view, the new task dialog displays the input fields for the due date, and the script doesn't type enough tabs to get to the note input field before it tries to type in it.

I hope these can help!

Thanks for sharing. I'll look into this too. Thanks!