Keyboard shortcuts.....?

One thing I'd love to be considered, mainly I guess for Mac and iPad (with keyboard) users is the option to have quick actions executed via a keyboard shortcut.
For example I'd love to be able to:

  • Select a task and hit 't' to move it tomorrow
  • Select a task and hit 'w' to move it out a week
  • Select a task and hit '1, 2 or 3' to change the priority

The shortcuts should be configurable as to which keys to use.

I feel this would give a great boost in productivity. Would anyone else find this useful?

It seems there are quite a few suggestions for more keyboard shortcuts so could this be considered?

Hi @Daron_Brewood, thanks for the feedback. You can make dedicated keyboard shortcut on Mac using method described in below video.


Interesting, I had already tried that, but every time I look to use the keyboard shortcut I just get a beep and nothing happens. HmmI m wondering here is there is something I need to toggle to get these working as even CMD-Z doesn't work to bring back a task I've checked off in error.

Plus using the system control means you can't use a single key like 't' (unless you use a function key) once a task has been selected.

Yes, there are limits as you mentioned. For the ones showing on your screenshots, it should normally work as you select a task and run the action.

CMD-Z is something that I need to work on to make it work.


I wish it would work it'd be so much easier to work with keyboard at times.

Keyboard Maestro to the rescue. Nowhere near as good / flexible as native support (as I can't use a single keypress to trigger it), but at least it works. Plus a new macro has to be written for every shortcut I want to use.

I also use Keyboard Maestro a lot, however for simple keyboard shortcut jobs like this, I use a free little app called CustomShortcuts.

Sweet, I've not seen that app - I'll take a look.

It actually is (with a little 'hack') possible to create single-key controls in Goodtask, like e.g. the 'command-mode' in Vim.

By checking if the menu items 'Next list' is available I'm making sure I only activate these controls when in 'navigation' mode. It's a bit of a hack, but works great so far (I've got single-key controls for a bunch of other commands too like switching views and moving items)

Agreed, I had to resort to using KM myself to give me the missing functionality.

To add - I have all these shortcuts in a group that is only available when a window "GoodTask" (so not the "Task" input/edit window) is focused:

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@Daron_Brewood curious - have you found a way to prevent single keypresses to be captured by non-focusing apps like Alfred?

To be honest some single keypress options I wanted to use conflicted so I replaced all of them with CTRL-SHIFT-keypress.

I've solved this with a while loop to detect if another window (Alfred) is using an AXSystemDialog to receive input. It disables the GoodTask macro group as long as Alfred is visible.

Thank you @djb21au for the suggestion of CustomShortcuts. I was having a weird problem in making Quick Action shortcuts in MacOS--some just refused to work, and for whatever reason they do with this app.

BTW, I'm using Touch Portal using an iPad a master controller for my Mac. I use too many apps to remember which shortcuts are which. I'm slowly building my page for GoodTask, and if I ever get it presentable I'll share it.