Let me create a new Task directly from the "Tomorrow" or "Today" view

I want to be able to create new tasks for today and tomorrow, directly in schedule view - without having to take the constant detour. They should just be added to my standard To Do list then.

HI @Gregsen, thanks for the feedback.

Would you give me some more detail about 'Today', 'Tomorrow' view you're talking about? Normally tapping + button will add tasks in most places. Thanks!

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I've attached a screenshot for a bit more context. Hopefully you can see what I mean now.

Hi @Gregsen, thanks for detail explanation.

Currently if you use 'Contextual : List' option, Reminders lists, filtered tags (text) and priorities are set only.

I'll add your suggestion to adjust date too on scheduled lists. Thanks!

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Can you please explain? To avoid any misunderstandings - my suggestion was NOT to adjust dates on scheduled lists. I want to be able to add tasks directly to scheduled (smart) lists. Like, Hitting return key (or cmd + n) in smart list "Tomorrow" will automatically add a new task that is due tomorrow - without me having to do anything else. I understand that these smart lists aren't dedicated to do lists themselves - that's why i mentioned that any new task added in "Today" or "Tomorrow" view should belong to the default to do list. But the important thing is that you could instantly populate the "Today" and "Tomorrow" view with new tasks by using the "cmd+n" or "return" hotkey. That is not possible currently. Thanks

Here's an example from Apple To Do:

You cannot add tasks to "Today", "Tomorrow", or any other smart list so quickly in GoodTask. That's a major drawback to me.

There is an option inside 'Preferences - New Task - Contextual : List'. Default is on so you may be already using it.

When this option is on, new task (CMD-N) window will select 'Reminders list / Priority (filter) / Text (filter)' according to current list's settings.

I think what you want is to add 'Due date' automatically on new tasks on lists with 'Scheduled' filter. I'll add that on the list to consider.

Meanwhile, if you have 'Contextual : Date' option turned on, you'll have date set while you're in 'Day/Week/Month' view. If you don't like this behavior, you can add 'Contextual Date' Quick Action to click only when it's needed.


Ah nice, yes, the "Contextual : Date" option does exactly what I want in Day / Week / Month view - pity that I don't get the same behavior with the Today / Tomorrow list. In that case, any new task is added with "no due date". This seems a bit illogical to me. But this is a good workaround already. A bit counterintuitive, but it works! Thanks.

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