List does not show up

I'm testing the trial app for mac. I can't view a new list i did in my phone. Is there a "refresh" in the desktop app to fetch newly created lists?

Hi @Ludvig_Hede, thanks for trying out.

First, try opening Apple Reminders app and check if data is shown properly. If not, you may need to set iCloud settings inside System Preferences and turn on Reminders.

If it's shown on Reminders but not in GoodTask, try restarting the app and see how it goes.


Hi again, I did al those steps yesturday and the list didn't show up. Today it did... thanks.
two more things:

I had to recreate the list folders I have in reminders why is that so? Cant GoodTask fetch the whole structure I have in reminders?
I placed my list that appear in the mac app in the correct folder and I had to do the same in the App I had in my Iphone. the mac app and the iphone app seems to not update each other.


  • Info about folders in Apple Reminders app is not shared by Apple. GoodTask manages lists by itself with groups, spaces and Smart Lists.

  • This list info is synced through iCloud Drive. You need to have iCloud Drive turned on to get preferences to sync.