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Will there be support in GoodTask for list groups, coming in iOS 13?

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Hi @credmontgo,

it's not related to iOS 13 but is on the roadmap not far away. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
I will write here, as this seems to have been a topic at some point, and apparently on the roadmap aswell :wink:
I was wondering what happened to the idea of grouping lists. my problem is the following. I have four big topics in my life (job, second job, private life and hobby). and depending on the topic, I have several lists. I would love to have four groups in which I can sort my lists in.

is this still on the Roadmap? is there any release date for this?
Thank you so much for all your good work and support,

Hi @Dude_VanMartensen, thanks for using GoodTask.

Group mentioned here is already made which gathers lists and show/hides them on lists page.

I think what you want is a list that shows multiple lists. That can be done through Smart lists. Make a smart list and select lists you want to check together and it'll be done.

If this is not what you're talking about, please let me know. Thanks!

Hey There, thank you for being so quick in answering. sadly, i think i wasn´t able to communicate right. so, i created a quick mockup. hope this helps understand me better. :wink:


Hi @Dude_VanMartensen, thanks for the details.

You can already achieve that by adding Group and spaces using + button on bottom left. It seems like you may need to update the app.


oh my god, you are absolutely right! I don't know how I have missed this!
and you even have a space divider.
This just changed everything! thank you very much for all of this. Keep up the great work!

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