List is shown twice

I am testing Good Task (iOS, version 6.9, iOS 14.5.1) to get my favorite task app. I sync my tasks via Nextcloud. But the entries of one list of my NC appears twice. Means: the list appears only once in the list of the lists. When I open the list (here with name "Persönlich") the entries appears twice with twice title of the list (see screenshot). In the reminders app everything is ok.

It happens only in this one list. Other list on NC are ok.

Any hints?


Hi @hoppsasa, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you try below things?

  1. Try 'Reset Calendar Connection' inside Settings - Advanced
  2. If it doesn't work, try changing 'Sort option' on your list (or global) to see how it goes. It seems like you're using 'List Order'.


thanks for quick answer. 'Reset connection' did not help.
Changing sort-option in the list (indeed I used there list-option) did not help.
Where can I find the global sort option?

But: The name of the list is "Persönlich" with the "ö", a german umlaut. I have a second list (from another Nextcloud instance) named "Persönlich". There I have the same problem of double entries. I changed the name of the list to "Persoenlich" and the second list-entries were gone. Seems something with the "ö".

Strange: went back to "ö" double entries again, back to "oe" still double entries. I will check this further.



Global sort option can be set inside 'Settings - Sort, Tags - Sort Option'. Does it work correctly if you don't choose 'List Order'?

I can reproduce the behaviour of double-entries.

My set up: I sync calenders/reminders of three Nextcloud-servers (work 1, private, work 2). If i double the name of the list I get double entries (in each list the list-entries doubles). It doesn't matter if the doubled names are on the same Nextcloud-server or on different Nextcloud-servers.
In reminders app everything is ok.

That explains also why I first had by changing to "Persoenlich" no more double entries an then again. The reason: I change another list from "Persönlich" to "Persoenlich". Nothing to do with "ö" or "oe".

Hope you can fix that.

Thanks for the details. Currently there is no way to distinguish account you're in when you have same list name on multiple accounts. This seems to be causing the bug. I'll check again if anything has changed. Meanwhile, using different list names should work. Thanks!