List memo with URL


It will be awesome if we could put an URL in list memo and if we could clic directly on it from the list view. Now if I clic on it I have to select it and paste it in the browser.
My use case is, when I do a reminder list I create some notes in Apple Notes where I store informations about the project and I pick up some task from Apple Notes to Goodtask. So I need to quickly jump to the Apple Note from Goodtask list and I think list memo is a good place to store URL but actually the URL is just handled like simple text.

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Hi @iSebmo, thanks for the feedback. This will be available on next update. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Good idea! But how do you get the URL of a note in the Notes app?


This is great! Could you please also add support for clickable xcallback URLs in the list memo? My use case is having a notes file for each project in Drafts.


Hi @John_Sloat, try adding one. URL Schemes should normally work too.