"List Order" means what?

I've created a smart list, and all the content looks good. But some problems happened while sort tasks.

My sort option is:
Custom: due date / list order / priority / created time(R).

My list sort in Lists by:
Recurring / outlook / shopping / later. And I hope the tasks can show in this order.

But the result in my smart list is:
Recurring(because of due date) / later / shopping / outlook
The 3 no due date list are reversed.

And my smart list filter is:

- Scheduled: today
- Recurring: recurring tasks only        | AND(1)
- Scheduled: within 2 days               | OR(4)
- Recurring: not recurring tasks only    | AND(3)
- Undated:   Tasks without due date only | OR(5)
- Scheduled: overdue                     | OR(2)

And what I want is:

  • Due to today
  • Overdue
  • Upcoming
  • No due date (order by: outlook / shopping / later)

Please help.

And what is "list order" means? Looks not alphabet, and not order in Lists.

Hi @EriKoo, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. List order can be set inside 'Settings - Lists & Calendars - List Order'

  2. This is used on 'Sort Options: List Order', order when changing list inside task detail and text snippets while changing list.

  3. When tasks are sorted, it's sorted one at a time. If you have 'Due Date - List Order - Priority', it'll be sorted with due date first. If the due date is same, it'll be sorted with list order. And then priorities.

Hope it helped. Thanks!

And one more problem, the sync between my 2 device is wired.

Left is my 1st device iphone, right side is 2nd.

Left had more finished task, maybe do not sync the finished? But I was new added the 2nd dev, and finished is not zero, but a part of them.

And outlook & later are from exchange, the list is sync between 2 side, but duplicated.
Different unique list id? or some other problem?

Hi @EriKoo,

  1. Go into 'Settings - Advanced - Reset Calendar Connection' on one device.
  2. Upload your preferences in 'Settings - iCloud Sync'
  3. On other device, download in 'Settings - iCloud Sync' and see how it goes.


OK, now in app "order" is right. outlook / shopping / later.

In today widget (old version) is: outlook /shopping / later (1 minute ago it is wrong)
PS: It's wired

  • if I do not open the app for long time, like ten minute, the order will become mess.
  • Then if I open the app, and back to today's widget, the order changed to fine immediately.
  • And now I force quit the app, the order changed back. (shopping / outlook / later / outlook)

In new widget is totally different, maybe: due date / priority / etc. It is occupied by many "later" now. View is "list". Does it has other order option?

Delete and add the new widget again, the sort is correct for this moment.

And in today's widget, it shows only 1 thing, if has a whole day cal event, I have to expand the panel for my first upcoming.

Can I choose to hide some calendar only for today's widget.
I use the new widget for glance all upcoming, and use today's widget to quick check task.

Thanks for the feedback.

Please update the app to 6.3.4 and it should work properly. :sweat_smile:

Both widgets can have dedicated list so you can edit it on 'Settings - Today Widget' for legacy one and long tapping on current widgets. Thanks!

Yeah, I've updated and everything looks fine now. Thanks.

Still sometimes wired, and can not determine the reason.

And while sync to the ipad version, some duplicated list (1 fine and 1 empty), still happened.

Hi @EriKoo, thanks for the feedback.

If you can reproduce the issue, please send me detail order. Also please share the screenshot to contact@hahaint.com. I'd like to check more details about it.


It's hard to reproduce the "order shuffle".

But about the duplicate folder, it's really trouble.
If I delete the empty one, sometimes later it would appear again at the bottom, with full tasks, then the order changed. So I have to keep the empty one. Any sync just work for a short time.

The lists sync with exchange (outlook & later), are duplicated.
Then click the empty one, like the second "outlook".

Click the top right "more", Edit List.

This list has EMPTY title, and can not click "Done".

And in icloud / goodtask / Settings / lists.plist, there are two "outlook" looks like:


With different key.

Sync between iphone & ipad.

I think these 2 issues are the same. Something about your Outlook lists are not giving same info when it's syncing.

Would you try below?

First, turn off 'Automatic Preferences Sync' on all your devices.

On 1 device,

  • 'Settings - Advanced - Delete Local cache & Reset calendar connection'
  • Setup your changes
  • Upload your status in 'Settings - iCloud Sync'

On other device,

  • Download on 'Settings - iCloud Sync' after the status(device and time) updates and see how things go.


I've tried these steps, and I found the setting of "list & calendar" had not been sync.

For the details, the visible of list and calendar, and the order of lists, do not sync to the 2nd device. Maybe the problem is about this.

Do you see the file itself (lists.plist) being synced?

I've confirmed the lists.plist updated in "file app", then download in goodtask settings. But the result is like that.

And now I turn on the auto sync for a long time, and changed the "list & calendar" in 2nd device, it look same for now.

FWIW- I am seeing the same behavior between my devices (includes macOS and iOS). Followed the steps above and it seems that the List settings are not being read correctly.

Nevermind. I just tried uploading from my Mac a second time. This time the Download to the other devices seem okay. I am going to run it this way for a bit before turning Auto Pref Sync back on and see how it goes.

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