List order won't sync

mac os (Catalina 10.15.4) list order and colors do not sync with ios. If I change order and color on macOS, order does not change (go into groups, etc.) on iOS. Same thing in reverse - if I change list order or list color on iOS it does not change on macOS.

Hi @Danny_Baker, thanks for the feedback.

  1. If you're talking about Reminders list color, you should check default Reminders app. Also the order and groups with default Reminders app is not shared with GoodTask.

  2. About order of lists and colors of Smart lists inside GoodTask, it's synced through iCloud between your devices. Check below things.

  • You need to check if you have same iCloud account and have iCloud Drive turned on.
  • Settings are synced through files in iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings.
  • The status of the file can be seen inside 'Settings - iCloud Sync (on iPhone)' and 'Preferences - Sync (on Mac)'.
  • Status will show which device and time the settings files are made.
  • The one you need to check is 'Lists'
  • If you have 'Automatic Preferences Sync' turned on, the device will fetch data from these files automatically and sync.
  • You can tap 'Download' to fetch data from these files manually.
  • Only checked ones at the bottom to be included will be synced.
  • If you don't see the status, try 'Upload' on the device that has proper settings.
  • You may check iCloud Drive on Finder or Files app to see if files are properly shown.


Is the list order (the order that all your various non-smart lists appear on left side) between Reminders and GoodTask supposed to sync? Because mine doesn't do that. I have automatic preferences sync under iCloud sync on, and I also tried reset calendar connection.

No, it won’t sync between Reminders and GoodTask. List related data is separate. Only Reminders list itself (title, color and tasks inside) is available on GoodTask.

Preferences sync is for GoodTask in multiple devices. Thanks!