List position / icon reverts

I've got ~20 lists divided over 20 groups and ~10 smart lists. Everytime I open GoodTask (on iOS or macOS) 5 or 6 groups have 'lost' the icon and position I've set. I've tried forcing upload from macOS after setting everything right, but it seems to revert everytime (not always the same number of lists which revert). Is there anything I can do to prevent (or diagnose) this?

For now, it seems "Reset calendar connection" might have solved this (as pointed out in this post: List order keeps resetting)

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Hi @mdbraber, 'Reset calendar connection' should solve the issue like you mentioned. If you use GoodTask on multiple devices, you should use same accounts for databases connected to Reminders. If not, I recommend turning off 'Automatic Preferences Sync' or just check off 'Lists'.