List repeatedly loses settings

Hi I share GoodTask lists across my iPhone an 3 Macs. I apologize if I dion't get the terms right, becaus I am uising the German language version.

One of my lists seems to forget properties (not items). It defaults back to my standard group (usually gruped together with other list) and is drops out of the list filters I set in smart lists. Any ideas?

Thank you so much


Hi @texttoolong, thanks for using GoodTask.

Do you mean that it goes to the very bottom? If so, you may need to reset calendar connection.

  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced' and select 'Reset calendar connection'

This will reset your lists and calendar settings. You may need to reset filters and quick actions related to lists if needed.


YES! This has been happening to me and it is driving me crazy. Actually resulted in me no longer using GoodTask. Basically, if I assign an icon and color to a list in GoodTask and arrange the lists in a certain order, they will only stay that way for a couple of hours. Eventually, I will reopen GoodTask and the assigned icon and color are gone and the list order reverts back to something else. I have tried re-installing the app, resetting all my lists and connections, but nothing works.

Hi @AR0001, thanks for the feedback.

Is this reproducible all the time? Would you share 'iCloud Drive/GoodTask/Settings/lists.plist' file to ? I'll take a look.