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So this is more of a me issue than a Goodtask issue...
In todoist I had a Top Level Project Called Home then sub-projects for each area and the same again for work..

I’m now trying to workout if a single list of Home then tags for each area would be easier to maintain then multiple Lists and SmartList called Home..

I’d be interested to know how others have tackled this..


Hi @sharky, I've tried both in real life and I personally use one Reminders list and tags under it for now.

In detail, I've tried managing lists named 'GoodTask Bugs', 'GoodTask iOS', 'GoodTask macOS', ....

Now I use 'GoodTask' list only and there are tasks under it with various tags.

The smart list I go into the most is '#Focus' smart list which include tasks with #Focus tag and scheduled filter with 'Within 1 day' which includes overdue tasks and tasks due today. :slight_smile:

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I am essentially doing the same thing. I have two core lists, work and personal. Those are easy. list designations to make. All my smart lists are based off of one or both of those lists. I also have a few other lists such as shopping, etc. just to make those standalone items easy.

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@GoodTask and @denrael I'm leaning towards tags over lists also and wondering if there's a way to use tags with iOS Reminders and Siri? For example I do things list "Add beer to my Camping list" and it just works. If there's a way to use Siri with tags I would love to know how you do it!


Hi @msuiter,

You can use 'at sign' to make @ sign on Siri. Or you may simply make tags without @ on GoodTask. :slight_smile:


Agree. I have a general "Communicate" Physical list sorted by tag. The Tags I define are things like "Call" "Email" "Slack" "SMS" with no "#" or "@" prefix. That way the list gets sorted by the type of communication I need to do.

I have a 2nd Smart List of the Communicate list that sorts it alphabetically as I always start my entries with the organization/person I am communicating with.

Makes entry easy, I just add to my communicate list and in the entry describe the type of communication. For example:

US Government/Donald Trump: Call to discuss changing the shade of the infamous red hat

This would flag under the tag "Call" in the communicate list and sort under US Government/Donald Trump in the "Discuss With" Smart list.

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