Lists out of order on iOS


I installed GoodTask on my Mac, iPhone and iPad and cannot get my lists to synced in the proper order on iOS. I've deleted and reinstalled all the apps, no help. I also tried the iCloud preference syncing recommendation that was mentioned elsewhere in the forums.

GoodTask on my Mac has all the lists and they are all in the proper groups and in order. Reminders in iCloud, on my Mac and on both iOS devices matches GoodTask on my Mac. However, GoodTask on iPhone and iOS do not. The tasks and lists are all there, but the lists are largely not in groups at all.


ETA: I just deleted GoodTask on my iPhone, then turned off Reminders syncing on my phone, then turned it back on, verified everything synced correctly to, and THEN reinstalled GoodTask. The lists are still a mess :confused:


Hi @juliainor, thanks for the feedback.

Normally lists syncing works best when you have same Reminders lists on both devices. It seems like you also have local lists (On My Mac) on your Mac which may be causing some issue.

On this case, local lists may end up at the last section. I recommend turning off 'Lists' inside 'Preferences - Sync' which will sync preferences except the lists. In this case, it won't actively sync the list status.

Before turning off 'Lists', if the list order is not synced at all, try 'Download' inside 'Settings - iCloud Sync' on your iPhone and check how it goes.



My Mac is on Catalina, and as far as I can tell, local lists don't exist in Reminders on Catalina. Everything that's in Reminders on my Mac is also in Reminders (in the correct order) on iCloud, and both my iOS devices. But when we get to GoodTask, the lists are only ordering properly on my Mac. The lists on both iOS devices are all over the place. Everything is there... it's just out of order (which is hugely inconvenient for me).

I tried both of your recommendations, but no dice. Lists are still out of order.


Thanks for the details. Would you check below things?

  • Does tasks sync correctly?
  • Does other settings sync correctly?

On the correct set device, go into 'Settings - iCloud sync' (On Mac, Preferences - Sync) and choose 'Upload'.

After that, you may try 'Download' on other device to see if things got synced.