Location based notifications

Hi, I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to make this stop. I like to set specific reminders to alert me when I arrive at a location and since they are usually something like, “remind me to check my tire pressure when I get back to the house.” So then i get home, and I get the notification, so I remember to check the tires and move on anything else. However since i programmed this notification, I keep receiving it EVERY time I arrive at home. I want to mark it complete, and just go away. But that isn’t reality

@Clonver, if I understood, you have a task that notifies you when you get home. You complete the task. Next time you return home you get another notification.

If the completed task is notifying you, apologies in advance, I'm not savvy enough to help. Otherwise, I'd check a few things:

  • Check to make sure the task isn't set to reoccur/recreate every time you check it as complete. There is an Icon in the tasks display screen with a looping, arrow pointing clockwise. CLICK it and make sure it says, "none".

  • If the notifications are from other reminders that you didn't intentionally set to remind you when you get home, it may be that your default setting for NEW TASKS is set to CONTEXTUAL. If I understand that setting, every task you create after the first one that included a location, contextual option would also set subsequent tasks that way also. Go into SETTINGS/NEW TASKS/CONTEXTUAL and ensure its set to "NONE" or one of the other options that work better for you.

  • If you move tasks up/down during your daily, manual, priority settings for the day, the moved task can take on behaviors from adjacent tasks. Example: If you manually drag a priority II up to the III section, it will take on (change to) that priority. If you move a task next to one that has a due date AND time, it will duplicate that time. It MAY BE that when you manually move a task between two that have a location, the NEW TASK might take on that characteristic (note: It doesn't' do this with mine but that might be a function of how my default settings are set, so it'd be worth creating a FAKE TASK and drag/drop several locations in your list and watch what happens).

Hope one of these helps or at least gets you a step closer to your goal. I like this app and its flexibility...but it can be tough to troubleshoot. Good luck buddy!

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