Location-based reminders not working on iOS

Location-based reminders are not working on my iPhone. I only get them if I have things set so I get reminders from both Good Task and the Reminders app. I'm using the latest version of Good Task on iOS 12.4. Is this a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @sdorst, thanks for using GoodTask.

Would you give me some more details? If you have notifications turned on for Reminders and GoodTask, getting the same notifications is actually correct.

The only reason I have notifications turned on both for Reminders and for GoodTask is because that's the only way I can get location-based reminders. If I turn off notifications for Reminders I never get the location based reminders I have created using Siri.

So, is this right?

  1. Have notifications turned on for GoodTask and Reminders : Location-based reminders work and both apps notify.

  2. Have notifications turned on for GoodTask only and off for Reminders : GoodTask doesn't notify

If it's about the ones made by Siri, there could be a possibility that GoodTask didn't have time to set it up between the input and notification in the background. In this case, check if you have 'Background App Refresh' turned on for GoodTask inside default Settings app - General.


I’m not sure if it’s only for reminders I make with Siri, because that is the only way I make location-based reminders. In any case, Background App Refresh is enabled for GoodTask.

Are there any settings in GoodTask that I might need to change?

Would you try making a new one on GoodTask? If you haven't done it, you may have not given GoodTask permission for locations.

That seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!

Another related question: is there some way to input an address as a location? GoodTask only seems to be able to use the current location. I can save and name a current location, but I have to remember to do that when I’m at a place I want to use for reminders in the future. That limitation is why I only create location reminders using Siri or in Reminders.

Hi @sdorst, good to know that it's working now. You can tap search button on top right to search for address. Normally it should show you the list as you type and when you choose one, it'll show the place on the map. This feature relies on Apple Maps API. Thanks!

Great! Thanks for clarifying that. For some reason I didn’t think to try that. Is there a user guide anywhere? This app has so many options that it would be useful to have a guide to using them somewhere.

I’m looking forward to what you’ll be able to do with the new features of Reminders in the upcoming iOS 13!

Currently below help page and this forum is what we have. I'm planning to improve this in the future. Thanks! :slight_smile: