Location based reminders/tasks?


I am a new GoodTask Pro user (iOS only for now but I do have my eye on the macOS app as well...)

My question is about location-based reminders. I want to use these heavily but I am finding it a little cumbersome. Is there any way the entry of location based reminders can be fewer clicks? Right now I have to click List > New > (fill details) > Swipe Right > Tap Location > Turn Location ON > Tap Magnifying Glass > Type in an Address > Tap to Select

That is a lot of taps, I would love if it was smarter or could make use of some natural language processing. If I could type something like "Call Mom @Home" and have GoodTask automatically set up a Location based reminder and set it to "Arriving: Home" that would be so much faster

A small icon, gesture or some other quick entry method to get from a new task straight to the Location entry screen would be very helpful. Also, some way to view the location address on the list views would be great too. Currently, you have to tap into the details to view the address.


Hi @luckman212, thanks for the feedback.

  • Currently fastest way to add location-based reminders is to use Quick Actions.
  • You can add favorite locations on the page where you add location. Tap '+' button after selecting location and type in a name.
  • You can use Quick Action to select one of favorites you've just saved to add it directly while adding a task.



Yes, it should be implied that if I tap the Location option it’s because I want to add a location. The extra step of having to manually turn on the Location option seems redundant.

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