Location based reminders

Hi. First of all: thanks for the great application.
However I can not get to work the location based reminders. My Wifi iPad and my iPhone have exactly the same iOS settings for Goodreader, but on phone I get no notification and if i look on my iPad later, there is a reminder which seemed to have popped up at the time I entered the circle.
Location:while using (on the iPad this seems to work even though I would think that if the app is completely closed GR does will not get to know the iPads location)
Contacts OFF
Calenders ON
Reminders ON
Siri and search All ON
Notifications Allowed with Banners Sounds and Badges
Backgroud app refresh ON

What can be the reason for not working on my iPhone?

Hi Hans, thanks for the feedback. Do you have wifi turned on on your iPhone? Also you may want to check if alert on Reminders app is working or not.


Normally Wifi is on, but in the car I do not have a wifi connection connected.
On BOTH iPhone and iPad under Settings/notifications/reminders/allow notifications is OFF.

Even though it's not using Wifi, it needs to be turned on (as far as I know).

I was asking for Reminders to see if the issue is on the device itself or the app. You may try turning it on and see if notifications from Reminders is coming in or not.


However, if I turn the reminders notification on.
It does issue a reminder at the set time.
I will try to do set a location dependent reminder in GoodTask with the Reminder notification on.
On the the iPad it seems to work with that setting off…. I will check that precisely….

I tried with the reminders notifications on and WIFI enabled.
While I was driving into the location circle noting happened and no message was received.
Any ideas what that can be.
On my wifi iPad, the message came only at Home (within the circle), because only there it had a WIFI signal and its position could be determined.
But as I said, on the phone there was nothing......

Do you mean that Reminders app’s notification is also not working?

You may try restarting the device. Also check default Settings app - Privacy - Location Services.


Indeed the reminders app is working. So notifications do pop up.
A soft reset of the phone did not resolve the issue.
Location Services are enabled, GT is allowed to use its location while using the app, Precise Location is also enabled.
Still no succes……

Hmm, it uses similar tech. Below post is about Reminders app but you may want to check it with GoodTask instead too.

Also if you're swiping up the close the app on app switcher which is force closing the app, it might be a cause. Try checking that too.


Thanks for the link. It seems to be working now.
It probably was the
systems/privacy/location services/system services/LOCATION BASED ALERTS on/off switch. Which was OFF.

Have a nice day!