Location task will not synch with ios reminders


Hello there,

I am just testing GoodTask on macOS High Sierra and iOS 13.1.2
The Apple reminder app on iOS has not been updated to the new functions/version so far as it could not be used with my old 2011 iMAC using High Sierra.
So I was looking for some alternatives and found GoodTask which should maybe become my standard app at least on the MAC.
Now I just recognized that if I create a new location based task this will not synch with the iOS Apple reminder app but is just available on the local GoodTask App on the iOS device.
The task itself is visible in the Apple reminder app but not the option "location notification" and also no location.
Because of this, that the informations will not be handover to the iOS Apple reminder app, the GoodTask app on the iMAC will also not show these information as they are based on the original iOS/MAC-App content if I understood the technical bases right.
Settings will allow location permission to GoodTask on all devices.

The other way around will work. Means creating a location based task on macOS App will be synched to apple reminder app and therefore also to GoodTask App on iOS.

Hopefully you will understand me right:

  1. Creating location based reminder in iOS with GoodTask is just correct in local GoodTask on iOS device.
  2. Created task is visible on Apple reminder App and GoodTask macOS but without location details.
  3. Other way around, creating a location based reminder on macOS will dispalyed correct in Apple reminder App and GoodTask iOS App.

Is there something I´m doing wrong ?


Hi @Paul, thanks for using GoodTask.

GoodTask doesn't run location-based notification by itself. All location-based notifications made and used inside GoodTask is connected to default Reminders app's data. So if everything is working properly, location-based notifications made on any device should show same info.

I've tested with iOS 13 with non-upgraded iCloud database list and it seems to work well. Task with location-based notification shows same data on Reminders app.

If it's not working properly, try restarting the device and check again.



Hi, thanks for your support and reply at weekends.
I´ve deleted the app and re-installed them again. What should I say - now it works.
Sometimes things could be easy.

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One more thing...
Just wonder if I will update iOS Apple reminder on my device with iOS 13.1.2, if GoodTask on my Mac with High Sierra would work, means synch ?
As longer I will think about it, I guess it will not as it depends on the Apple MAC reminder which will not work after the update, right ?

Pls. comment. Thank you in advance.


You can check below post for details.

If you upgrade your database on iOS 13, it won't sync with High Sierra. Thanks!