Mac: can't edit Favorites

A couple of small problems in latest build.

(1) On the Mac, while I can choose a Favorite, there is no way to edit it except on an IOS device. On IOS, there is an option to edit the list of Favorites in the preferences but not on the Mac.

(2) On the Mac, I noticed that the Reports button pops up a window that can not be closed with CMD+W like other windows. For consistency sake, it would be nice as I use my keyboard a lot for window management.

(3) We will ever see the 'Magic Button' on the Mac

Thanks, Art

Hi @swisssailor, thanks for the feedback.

  1. Click preferences button on bottom right of sidebar. Inside 'Favorites', you'll see 'Edit Favorites' at the bottom. You can select an item and click 'Edit' to edit it.

  2. Reports page is modal pop-up on Mac. You can close it with ESC key. I'll keep your feedback.

  3. I'll keep it on the list to consider.



  1. There is no preferences button on the sidebar only Mac. It was there a few versions ago but is not there now (see photo below). Also. On IOS it is an entry in the preferences area and it is not in the preferences window on the Mac. For consistency sake, it would be nice to be able to see/edit it in Preferences on the Mac as well. Might as well mention the '+' button on the Mac is far left while on IOS it's after the other buttons on the right. Would be nice if they were in the same place on both systems.

  2. I understand that it's a dialog but the behavior should be the same as other windows and be able to be closed with a CMD+W rather than to have to realize it's different and pressing ESC. Just a suggestion...

  3. Make the "Magic' happen!

Thanks, Art

Hi @swisssailor,

Would you check 'Preferences - Appearance - Lists: Bottom Bar' and see if Settings button is checked?


It was checked ON. I checked it off, closed the dialog then opening it and checked it then the pref icon came back to the bottom bar. Very strange...

Thanks for the report. I'll take a look. Thanks!