Mac Error - "Something went wrong. Please try again."


When using the Mac version of GoodTask, I get this error alot:
"Something went wrong. Please try again."

I see this error quite a few times during the day. Usually when I am updating the title, notes, or due date for an existing task.

Curious if other mac users are having this problem also. Wondering if perhaps it is a problem with my particular configuration.

I'm running Mojave 10.14.3

Would love to solve this issue. Really slows my workflow down.


Hi, thanks for the feedback. From Mojave, the app needs more refresh than before. The app does it automatically but this error shows that it hasn't been done and you need a refresh. It should not show up normally on basic usage.

If you can explain detail procedure one by one to reproduce the issue, it'll be really helpful.

One other thing, you may slim down your database following below answer which could improve performance.