Slowness and nonresponsivenss


I really like Goodtask’s features, but the app is very slow to open and respond to my taps. Any solutions??


Hi. Please check below.

  1. If you have lots of completed tasks, please clean up completed tasks or check off long-lived lists. This will improve overall performance. You may do it by following one of below options.
  • Go into 'Settings - Advanced' and delete completed tasks. You can delete them all or delete with date options.
  • Go into 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and you can delete completed tasks per list.
  • Go into 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and you may check off lists to hide them from GoodTask.
  1. If you don't have many tasks but it's taking a long time, it may be due to some mis-connection with lists. You may try checking off lists in 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' and start with minimal lists to find what may be causing the delay.