Mac iOS Pin to menu bar


Wondering if there is a way to pin the ios app to the Mac Finder Bar? If not is there something in the works for this down the line?

Thanks in advance



Hi @Davejohnson, thanks for using GoodTask. GoodTask is not a menu bar app but you can click ' - Window - Keep Window in Front' (Or settings button on list view's bottom right - Keep Window in Front) to have the window on top of every other windows.



Well thats a shame. It may be the one thing that kills it for me. I have already purchased the app so my plan is to continue for now however the convenience of having it work as a dropdown from the Finder Bar like say Fantastical to add in new items would be a keeper.
I guess I can make due with the global Keyboard shortcuts for now.



One other question, I noticed that on the iOS app you can pick whether you want to add a calendar item or a task item. Is there an option to do that on the Mac OS version? That too would be handy.



Hi @Davejohnson, currently adding calendar events are on iOS only. It's on the list to consider. Thanks!