Mac Monterey Quick Note Support and other updates

Mac v6.9.2 update lists Monterey Quick Note support. What does that mean? What can I do now?

I am a long time user of GoodTask and love it. But I find it hard to learn about the new updates you mention in the release notes. In v6.9.2, its nice to know it now has Quick Note support, but I can't find in the app or online what that means or how to take advantage of it.

I apologize if missing an obvious location, I am not a user of forums.

Hi @its_cpstewart, thanks for using GoodTask.

Quick Note is a new feature added to default Notes app in Monterey. You can press FN-Q key to open it up.

On that note, you can add current list or item in GoodTask by tapping link button on top bar.

This can be clicked to be opened again easily. This also works on iPad.