Mac Widget Syncing

I use GoodTasks on all my devices, including 2 Macs, iPhone, iPad, and Watch.

If I mark a task as done on a device OTHER THAN my Mac, it will NEVER (yes, NEVER) update the Mac Widget until I click the sync button on the widget. It does not even update overnight or through Mac restarts. The actual GoodTask app updates almost immediately, but the widget never does. In addition, the widget on my other Mac will also not update. For example, if I mark a task as done on Mac #1, the GoodTask app on Mac #2 immediately updates, but the widget on Mac #2 NEVER updates until I click on the sync button.

This behavior does NOT happen with other task management apps such as Fantastical and BusyCal, both of which are connected to the Mac Reminders app as is GoodTask. When a task is marked as done on these apps or on their respective iOS devices, the widget updates almost immediately.

What's up?

Hi @Dx5Dad, thanks for the feedback.

I'll take a look and will see if it can be improved. Thanks!