Macbook Goodtask

Hi, Ive purchased the app like 5-6 months ago and I love it for my routines, now that I decided to use it in my Mac I found that the price of the app for MacOs is really expensive compared to the IOS app, what does the Mac version which makes it more expensive?

Hi, thanks for using GoodTask.

Currently you need to get it separately on iOS and Mac App Stores.

GoodTask is a basic one-time purchase product and it's made separately for iOS and macOS. Making iOS and macOS app needs somewhat separate skills and the apps are pretty different as you see.

Things have changed during the years now that some apps share iOS and macOS components but GoodTask was made before the days.

For services that charges you monthly could provide apps on different platforms at once but GoodTask is not going that path. I hope you understand.


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