MacOS 12.2 and iOS 15.3.1 aren't staying syched

My GoodTask in MacOS 12.2 and iOS 15.3.1 aren't staying synchronized. I read a previous discussion about this -- is it working now?

Hi @Itsaplane, thanks for using GoodTask. Normally if you use same iCloud account and have it sync Reminders data, it should sync. Would you let me know what’s not working on your devices in more detail? Thanks!

The problem is GoodTask on my iPhone is not the same as good task on my MacBook.

At your suggestion I verified that my reminders app on my iPhone and MacBook are in sync: changes in the iPhone are shown on the MacBook — but not so for changes in the iPhone GoodTask being reflected in the MacBook GoodTask.

Would you share some screenshots to ? Normally GoodTask should show same data with Reminders. Thanks!