MacOS and iOS purchase question

Hello, I am considering buying this. I have a Macbook pro and use other iOs devices (phone, ipad, apple watch).

I'm not clear what purchasing the MacOS version would give me that the iOS version does not. I assume that purchasing the MacOS version would allow me to use the app seamlessly on all of my iOS devices.

Is that true?

Hi @msaringer, thanks for the attention. Currently you need to buy iOS and macOS version separately. They're managed and developed as separate apps.

iOS version will take care of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Excellent question as I was wondering the same thing.

Is this still the case, that separate purchases are needed?

Is the purchase a lifetime license, a version license, etc.?


It’s separate license with one time purchase. iOS version works for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

There is supporting options on iOS version but it’s just optional.


Appreciate confirmation that it is a 1 time lifetime purchase.

On the iOS license, what is the difference between the two options?


Supporting options has been added since it’s been updated for years. Thanks.