macOS Calendar events not showing on iOS GoodTask app

I am having a problem getting new events added in macOS default Calendar app to show up in iOS GoodTask app. I have verified that the correct calendar is checked (and also unchecked/checked it again to be sure) within Lists & Calendars settings. Am I missing something? Thanks

Hi @jdb80, thanks for using GoodTask.

  • Do you see the event on Calendars app on iOS?
  • On iOS, are you checking on day/week/month views?

Send me screenshots to for more details. Thanks!

It does show up on iOS Calendar.
I checked all views in GoodTask but it doesn’t show in List, Day, Week or Month views.

I am having the same problem but do not see the resolution. I too have a date on Calendar and it shows on IOS but not GoodTask

Hi @davidpippenger, thanks for using GoodTask. Please send me screenshots to of Calendars app and GoodTask. Thanks!

Hi, I’m having the same problem. Can’t see any macOS calendar events on GoodTask on IMac, IPhone and IPad. All Calendars are checked, permissions granted, i tried day/week/month views, reopened, unchecked and checked calendars again, nothing shows. Am I missing something ?

Hi @Nkassia, thanks for using GoodTask.

  1. Do you see events on default Calendars app?
  2. Do you see your calendars on 'Preferences - Lists - Calendars'?
  3. Do you have 'All' calendars set on list you're seeing?



  1. Yes I can see events on default Calendar IOS app
  2. Yes, I see all the Calendars on Preferences/Lists/Calendars
  3. Yes they are all checked and set


Hi @Nkassia, please send me screenshots of the pages to Thanks!