Remind me of this



I have been using GoodTask for almost six months now and I am very pleased with the app.

I have one query which I’m hoping members of the forum or the developer can help me.

Basically, as you all know that there is no way to get the direct link to an email from the on the iPhone. My workaround for this is using Siri. Basically, I would open the specific email and then ask Siri to “remind me of this”. Doing this basically creates a reminder with the link to the Mail app. Unfortunately, this link is not visible in GoodTask. I can see the link on the Reminders app but not GoodTask. Why isn’t the link visible in GoodTask?

Can anyone provide any insight into this? I’m trying to basically send emails to my reminders app on an iPhone.

Thanks again and my sincere thanks to the developer for making GoodTask.


Hi James, thanks for using GoodTask. Unfortunately Apple didn't open up link that it keeps to 3rd party devs. Details are on below link.



I heard a great idea from David Sparks the other day. He says he triages all his email on his phone, but he "flags" any emails that he needs to work on more later from his phone. Then when he's on his iPad, or Mac, he can just drag'n'drop the emails to his task manager.

The other option that I do is to send from Airmail, but it's a little convoluted to setup.


Thank you for your suggestion @kennonb.

Knowing how I am, I would just forget about checking my flagged items. Airmail is a solution. I have been using Despatch for this purchase that moment which I serves me better.

I hope Apple allows developers to all the features within Reminders.

It’s such a versatile system already. For example, I use 2Do to manage my iCloud reminders on my android phone. Never in my life I would have thought that Icloud reminders will play nice with android but thanks to 2Do it does. And thanks to GoodTask, iCloud reminders is a joy to use on iOS devices.


I hear ya. None of the options on iPhone are optimal. I’m crossing my fingers for proper share sheet in Mail in iOS 13.