Manual sort issues since v6.6 update

I mostly use a Board view sorted by Tags (#focus, #next, #tonight, #routine). I drag and drop tasks between the columns and reorder each column multiple times throughout the day. Ever since the last update, the task sort order is very buggy in Board view. When I drag a task between columns, it puts the task at the end of the column rather than in between tasks where I dropped it. Then when I try to move it into position within that column, it doesn't move. It usually refreshes and moves into the correct place if I switch to a different list or view and then come back to my main view again. It's like the sort order doesn't update quick enough or gets stuck when I'm in board view. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi @Redaxel, thanks for the feedback.

I'm aware of this issue and it'll be fixed in 6.6.2 update.


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Hi, I'm having a similar issue using manual sort with a list I use List view. It's a list that I've dedicated to Daily tasks, which I generate using a template every day. Tasks continue to be correctly sorted on my iPhone, but recently they're always out of order on my Mac (perhaps since 6.6, but I'm not sure). It used to work fine on all devices.

If this is different from the issue that will be fixed in the 6.6.2 update, please let me know if you'd like me to provide more details. Otherwise, I'll look forward to the update. Thanks!

Hi @mbamitsu, thanks for the feedback.

I need more details about your issue. Do you mean you're adding tasks through template and without any other changes, the order is different on devices?

Hi @GoodTask,

Yes. When I add the template, the order is correct on my iPhone, but it is out of order on my Mac. It doesn't matter whether I add the template from my Mac or my iPhone. I've tried refreshing both devices, but the order stays the same on both devices (correct on iPhone, but incorrect on Mac). It stays this way without any other changes.

I just noticed that if I drag a task in the list to reorder them on my Mac afterward in order to fix it, then when my iPhone refreshes, the iPhone reflects the new order on my Mac. Once I eventually reorder everything on my Mac, it will be fine on both devices, but intermediate steps to reorder individual items makes it "incorrect" on both devices.

Thanks for the details.

The bug mentioned by @Redaxel that's getting fixed is about reordering on Board view which doesn't stick until the data is refreshed.

Your description seems to be something different. Adding with templates has changed a bit on recent version to get it done quicker but this may have brought some unintended issues. I'll take a look.


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Thanks for the information. Let me know if you end up needing any more details.

The sort order using a template seems to be fixed for me in 6.6.2. Thanks!