Manual sorting not working well

Hi, I'm using v7.5 and when I re-order tasks, the task I am re-orering will be placed in the same list of the task below the new position (f.e. on top).
It is happening on my MAC-app and iOS app.

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Hi @Kees_van_Dongen, thanks for the feedback.

When you drag and drop tasks, values will change to meet the order by 'Sort option'. You may want to check default sort option or sort option for the list. Also there are some options in 'Settings - Sort, Tags' so you might want to check those too.


Thank you, still no luck. But I will see.

Thank for your help.

Please share some details (screen recordings or before/after screenshots with settings included) to


Thank you. I will see if I have time to make a video and sent it to you at your e-mail. I probably do something wrong.

Greetings Kees

This is a very late reply, however I found this thread as I was having the same issue.

Under Settings > Sort, I checked "Don't change list: except when 'List Order' is initial sort option". But this did not not make any difference (it didn't seem to work).

I resolved it by going to Settings > Sort > Sort Options. I chose custom and specifically removed 'List Order' from the sorting logic. I'm personally using: Priority > Due Date > Manual Sort > Created Time

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