Missing alerts

Hey Dev,

When new tasks are created with alerts, or that alerts are added to existing tasks, the alerts keep disappearing.

Currently, none of my tasks have alerts as the alerts keep disappearing.

I’m currently running iOS 14, could this be the problem?

Hi @Sim_Alvin, thanks for the feedback.

I'm not aware of the issue at the moment. It could be iOS 14 beta thing. Try after restarting the device.

  • Are you using iCloud as the database for Reminders?
  • If you set alert on Reminders app, does it stick?


Dear Dev,

No problem, the issue has been resolved. I found out that Reminders’ notification keep toggling off automatically. This resulted GoodTask to have missing alarms.

After some research, I followed the solution guide below and resolved the issue. Have been testing for 2 days now, no problems as of yet.


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