Missing calendars

I am a newbie. I have GT linked to three google emails. I do not see all my calendars. I am using the iOS apps. (Not sure yet if I want to spend $40 on the desktop app. That seems pretty steep!) I cannot see a place to log out/in. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. I have a dozen of work calendars. The two calendars that are missing, the ones I want most, are ToDist and TripIt. For me, the holy grail is to have ne app where I can see work todos (Todoist) and personal (ios reminders). Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @randalfippinger, thanks for using GoodTask.

GoodTask fetches data from default Reminders app and Calendars app. If you have accounts connected to Calendars app, it should be shown on GoodTask. You may check 'Settings - Lists & Calendars' inside GoodTask to check the data.


Thanks for emailing. This is still not working correctly. I am on a Mac and iOS.

I changed my default calendar on my mac to Apple calendar.

I have todo subscribed to on both my apple/mac calendar and my google calendar.

When I open goodtask I don’t see it.

Can you get goodtask to talk to todoist?

GoodTask shows data from Calendars app and Reminders app. Account connected to Calendars/Reminders will be shown on GoodTask. You can check it inside Settings - Lists & Calendars.

Todoist cannot be connected to Reminders so it can’t be used in GoodTask.


Sorry if my reply was confusing. I understand that Todoist and reminders don't talk. I have todoist as a subscribed calendar to apple calendar. it is not showing up in Goodtask. Does GT read subscribed calendars?

I found a solution. I need to subscribe to the Todoist calendar on my iPhone. Once it shows up there, it propagates to GoodTask.


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