More Keyboard Support

I'am using Goodtask i really love it, but i like to see more Keyboard integration ala Things3 so that you can trigger an Quick Actions like the first 9 and trigger by keyboard.

Missing on my iPadOS an trigger to hide the Left Panel with lists.
And when on your today View you can't add an new task with Keyboard without touch screen.

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I'll keep it on the list to consider. Thanks!

++11 on this. Especially frustrating to have to use the mouse to click buttons on the Mac version for adding tasks. I would love to see keyboard support for the New Task dialog. If I'm building a grocery list I would love to have a command (perhaps Option+Return or CMD+"A'?) for the Add more button. Thanks, Art

Hi @swisssailor, thanks for the feedback.

On Mac, you can add things fully with keyboard. Add More button works with CMD-SHIFT-Enter. Arrows/Tab to move around. You can check below webpage for more details.

Also you can set up keyboard shortcuts for quick actions if needed. Check below video for details.


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