More Support for Start Dates and Duration

I just installed v3, what an impressive update from v2!

It would be great to see more support for start dates and duration

  • Create without having a due date
  • Quick Actions options
  • Durration without any other dates, useful for smart lists
  • URL scheme or Shortcuts options
  • Support in Text Snippets

Unrelated, but it would be nice to have an option for the Initial Task Page to be Subtasks for only tasks with subtasks

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it on the list to consider. :slight_smile:

Any updates on setting task duration?

Hi @Andrew_Bisharat, thanks for the feedback.

You can use start dates and due dates to keep durations if it's needed. Start date has been added to Quick Actions in recent updates that can make use of better than before.


Hi @GoodTask,

I'm having still some issues setting duration time for tasks. This would be nice to have to block time slots for the tasks. Would I have to preset start dates and due dates for tasks in Quick Actions before using this feature?

Hi @Alice_Wollny_Lapinha, thanks for the feedback. I need some more detail info about your needs. You can use Quick Actions to set start dates and due dates with different values which will result in duration for the task. Thanks!